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Over the past half a century our technical staff have provided objective advice in relation to 800 ship-sourced marine spills in a hundred countries.

Being a Member or Associate gives you access to our services anywhere around the world.

Our first-hand experience allows us to offer additional services in the fields of damage assessment, contingency planning, training and information, often at no charge for our staff time to Members and Associates.

As at February 2018, Membership stood at almost 430 million GT, comprising some 7,880 shipowners who together own or operate over 13,600 tank vessels. Shipowners having Associate status stood at 779 million GT and are entered en-bloc via their P&I insurers for ease of administration.

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Members/Associates may wish to use the following Corporate Social Responsibility statement:-

CSR Statement

Transporting oil and cargo by sea to meet the needs of society involves some risk. We operate our ships to the highest environmental standards but accidents, by their nature, are unpredictable. However, if an accident does occur, we are Members/Associates of ITOPF Ltd, the world's leading technical advisers on oil and chemical spills in the marine environment. They operate on a not-for-profit basis and have Observer status with IMO and the IOPC Funds. In the case of an incident involving one of our ships they will provide, objective technical advice to assist those affected by the incident, free of charge.

Case Studies

Slides #1

SOLAR 1, Philippines, 2006

On 11th August 2006, the tanker SOLAR 1, carrying approximately 2,000 tonnes of intermediate fuel oil, encountered problems in rough seas and sank in the Guimaras Straits.

Slides #1

TORREY CANYON, United Kingdom, 1967

Thousands of tonnes of oil were soon spilling from the stricken vessel's ruptured tanks and during the next 12 days the entire cargo of approximately 119,000 tonnes of Kuwait crude oil was lost.