Knowledge & Resources

Our extensive first-hand experience of marine spill incidents over 45 years has been distilled into a series of seven films “Response to Marine Oil Spills”, 17 Technical Information Papers (TIPs) and a multitude of other papers and presentations.

The majority of our documents are available for free to download and are linked from the different topic areas.

We have also built up one of the largest technical libraries on marine pollution in the world. This is a primary source of reference for our own staff and is open to outside visitors by appointment.

We maintain a unique database of tanker spills from 1970 onwards and provide specific information on spill response arrangements and resources in maritime states in our series of Country & Territory Profiles.

ITOPF's seven film series "Response to Marine Oil Spills" is available to view online with subtitles in English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Korean, Turkish, Portuguese and Japanese. 

The Technical Information Papers covers a specific subject in a concise manner, illustrated with photographs and diagrams.

Available in the following languages:

English Chinese French Korean Russian Spanish Arabic Turkish Japanese (partial)

The Country Profiles provide a summary of spill response arrangements & resources in maritime nations