Spill Notification Point

Coast Guard

Guyana Defence Force Ruimveldt Georgetown

Tel: +592-260570
+592-260579 (24 hrs)
Harbour Master

Transport and Harbours Department Starbroek Georgetown

Tel: +592-267842 & +592 271696
Fax: +592-278545

Competent National Authority

There is no designated competent national authority authority.

Response Arrangements

There is no designated pollution response authority. Although the Coast Guard of the Guyana Defence Force is identified as the lead agency in a draft national contingency plan prepared by IMO, that plan has never been adopted. The responsibilities in the maritime sector are split between several departments and ministries. The Lands and Surveys Department of the Ministry of Agriculture has jurisdiction in river waters. The Transport and Harbours Department of the Ministry of Public Works, Communications and Regional Development is responsible for port areas and territorial waters. However, the Coast Guard enforces all maritime regulations and is a key operational organisation in any marine incident investigating reports of pollution in navigable waters on behalf of the relevant ministry and department. In addition, the Guyana Defence Force and the Fire Service would also assume some operational responsibility for pollution response.

In 1996 a new Environment Protection Agency was established with the role of conserving and protecting sensitive coastal zone habitat. Advice on fisheries and environmental issues is available from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Department and from the Environmental Protection Agency, respectively.

The local oil industry, represented by Esso, Shell, Texaco and Guyoil, have established the Guyana Joint Petroleum Companies Industrial Safety Steering Committee and Subcommittee on Coastal and River Transportation (ISSC). The aim is to agree codes of safe practice and minimum equipment standards, and to create an industry co-operative with pooled spill response resources. The ISSC initiative extends to co-operation in establishing a joint response capability for dealing with land spills.

Response Policy

There is no formal policy developed on preferred oil spill response options. Although protection of the extensive mangrove stands would be a priority.



Government organisations have no specialised oil spill response equipment or materials. Some senior Coast Guard personnel have received theoretical training in spill resonse techniques. The air wing of the Guyana Defence Force operate aircraft suitable for aerial reconnaissance.


The ISSC cooperative has obtained limited stocks of equipment sited and member’s facilities in Georgetown. There are no specialised resources outside this area.

Previous Spill Experience

There have been no major spills in Guyanan waters.


Prevention & Safety

MARPOL Annexes        
73/78 III IV V VI

Spill Response



CLC     Fund Supp HNS* Bunker
'69 '76 '92 '92 Fund    

* not yet in force  

Regional and bilateral agreements

  • Operative Network for Regional Cooperation among Maritime Authorities of South America, Mexico, Panama & Cuba (ROCRAM).

Date of issue: January 1998

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