Technical Information Papers

ITOPF's series of Technical Information Papers has been updated and expanded to reflect technological advances and ITOPF's more recent collective experience on a wide range of marine pollution topics. Each paper covers a specific subject in a concise manner, illustrated with photographs and diagrams.

Hard copies are also available in English, French and Chinese, free of charge. For further information, contact Terry Goodchild.

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TIP 17: 海上の化学物質事故への対応

本資料では化学物質の流出対応に関わる問題を紹介する。危険とされる化学物質の範囲及び海 上流出時の挙動について取り上げ、利用可能な対応の選択肢について簡潔に概説する。

Categories: Technical Information Paper (TIPS) , HNS

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