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Nicky Cariglia

Senior Technical Adviser

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Nicky Cariglia has a BSc in Marine Biology and an MSC in Tropical Coastal Management. She joined ITOPF in 2012 and since then has provided on-site assistance on several spills worldwide. As part of the support provided by ITOPF following the active phase of spill response, Nicky has been involved in a number of activities. This has included the provision of advice on fisheries and environmental impacts, post-spill monitoring studies and claims assessments.

ITOPF Working Groups

Nicky heads up the Fisheries Working Group and is a member of the Environmental Damage Working Group.

Previous Experience

Before joining ITOPF, Nicky worked for an environmental and fisheries management consultancy. She worked on a number of projects focussing on various aspects of fisheries management issues, including; stock assessment, monitori