Recent Case Studies

This section contains summaries of 44 major oil spills from 1967 to the present day, looking at the incident, response, our involvement together with selected bibliographies and web links, where available.

Below shows the five most recent profiles, to access the full list of case histories please use the link below, search using the filter on the right hand side or use the interactive map. 

GIS Case Studies

Five most recent case studies:

HEBEI SPIRIT, Republic of Korea, 2007

On 7th December 2007, the VLCC HEBEI SPIRIT (146,848GT, built 1993), laden with 209,000 tonnes of four different Middle Eastern crude oils, was struck by a crane barge whilst at anchor off Taean, South Korea.

Categories: Korea, Oil, Oil Tanker, Asia, Response Techniques, Dispersants, Environmental effects, Economic effects, Disposal, Compensation

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SEA EMPRESS, Wales, UK, 1996

The oil tanker SEA EMPRESS, carrying 130,000 tonnes of Forties Blend North Sea crude oil, ran aground in the entrance to Milford Haven, South West Wales on the evening of 15th February 1996

Categories: United Kingdom, Oil, Oil Tanker, Europe, Dispersants

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URQUIOLA, Spain, 1976

On 12th May 1976 the tanker URQUIOLA struck bottom on entering the port of La Coruña and began leaking oil. It was estimated that 100,000 tonnes of Arabian Light crude oil was spilt during this incident.

Categories: Spain, Oil, Oil Tanker, Europe, Dispersants

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