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BRAER, UK, 1993

Following engine failure, BRAER ran aground in severe weather conditions on Garth's Ness, Shetland on 5th January 1993.

Categories: United Kingdom, Oil, Oil Tanker, Europe

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ECE, off Channel Islands, UK, 2006

On 31st January 2006, the Marshall Islands-registered chemical tanker, ECE was on a laden voyage from Safi, Morocco to Ghent, Belgium with a cargo of 10,361 tonnes of Phosphoric Acid when she collided with the bulk carrier GENERAL GROT-ROWECKI off Alderney, Channel Islands, UK.

Categories: United Kingdom, France, HNS, Chemical Tanker, Europe

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OLIVA, Tristan da Cunha, 2011

In the early hours of 16th March 2011, bulk carrier OLIVA while on transit from Brazil to Singapore grounded on Nightingale Island, which is part of the Tristan da Cunha Island group in the South Atlantic.

Categories: United Kingdom, Oil, Bulk Carrier, Africa, Environmental effects

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SEA EMPRESS, Wales, UK, 1996

The oil tanker SEA EMPRESS, carrying 130,000 tonnes of Forties Blend North Sea crude oil, ran aground in the entrance to Milford Haven, South West Wales on the evening of 15th February 1996

Categories: United Kingdom, Oil, Oil Tanker, Europe, Dispersants

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TORREY CANYON, United Kingdom, 1967

TORREY CANYON ran aground near Lands End, Cornwall on 18th March 1967. Thousands of tonnes of oil were soon spilling from the stricken vessel's ruptured tanks and during the next 12 days the entire cargo of approximately 119,000 tonnes of Kuwait crude oil was lost.

Categories: United Kingdom, Oil, Oil Tanker, Europe, Environmental effects

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